Praying for Kings

Remember as we pray the Psalms we often pray things that seem obscure and inapplicable to our personal lives. This is when we should shift into the awareness that we are praying AS the Body of Christ, speaking for the Body the prayers that have filled the lungs of the Church since her inception. 

This morning's psalm prays, 

"Add length of days to the king's life; 
let his years extend over many generations.
Let him sit enthroned before God for ever; 
bid love and faithfulness watch over him."

Since we have no kings in our modern world, my mind went to a cry for those who are leaders influencing the Church in the modern world--like Pope Francis or our Primary Bishop Quinton, or those who serve as Priests in our Order: like Mark Aarstad/JP Robles/Janis Sharpe/Shelby Swanson/etc--the prayer was "Lord, let these 'kings' have length of days to influence in a way that fulfills why God you have anointed them to be leaders to begin with." 

As an Order, we do not pray for ourselves alone but our very Rule of Life and cries in prayer are for the whole Church around the world.