Praying without Guilt

One of the dangers of praying the Office two times a day is praying the Office two times a day in a rote kind of way. The opposite of "rote" is NOT stirring up some internal passion or by grasping a pressured focus that can produce spiritual hemorrhoids, but a pausing and waiting, refusing to do something just to do it. 

I had this experience this a.m. I didn't want to do the Office and felt guilty about it. That's where I stopped. 

The great revealer of a weak soul is the appearance of negatives like guilt or anger. So I just sat and thought about the fact that I am alive and that meant God is holding me in life. I thought about the fact I was connected to everything in the universe because I am held in being by the Great I Am. I waited till gratitude came--the work of any priest is giving thanks (Eucharist). 

Guilt left.

I was not anxious about anything.

Then I chose to present myself to the one I Am by praying the Office.

It turned out to be unusually sweet with no hint of rote.