Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany | Year B

Sisters and brothers,
let us lift our hearts in faith
to the one who hears all prayers
to the God who welcomes all in love,
and holds close all those in need.
Let us pray for the good of the church
and the concerns of those in need.

Gracious Father, we pray for your holy Church. 
Fill it with all truth, in all truth with all peace. 
Where it is corrupt, purify it; where it is in error, direct it; 
where in any thing it is amiss, reform it. 
Where it is right, strengthen it; where it is in want, provide for it; 
where it is divided, reunite it; for the sake of Jesus Christ your Son our Savior.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

    You hear us calling,
    You hear us calling,
    Abba Father.

God we know that you have given us power and authority
To deal with unclean spirits decisively.
We know that you have given us freedom
To be our truest selves,
To face our shadow side,
To live in victory.

Help us to deal with unclean spirits, as we encounter them:

Whether the unclean spirits reside in others
Or in our own selves,
May we become aware,
May we exercise power in love.
May we commit ourselves
To being people who walk in the footsteps of Christ
To being people who tell the truth,
To being people who create peace,
To being people who root out injustice.

Help us to know Christ so well
And reflect your image so clearly
That the world is different and better
When we have passed through it.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

    You hear us calling,
    You hear us calling,
    Abba Father.

O God, we pray for the residents of Marshall County, Kentucky
In the wake of yet another school shooting.
We pray for the families of Bailey Holt and Preston Cope - 
The two 15-year-old students killed by their classmate - 
And the 16 others who were injured in the attack.

Most of us can’t imagine the pain of losing a child to gun violence,
Even so, help us to weep with those who weep,
To be agents of peace in a culture of violence,
And to becoming a community that is committed
To seeking justice, mercy, and forgiveness.

Holy God, you gather the whole universe
into your radiant presence
and continually reveal your Son as our Savior.
Bring healing to all wounds,
make whole all that is broken,
speak truth to all illusion,
and shed light in every darkness,
that all creation will see your glory and know your Christ. Amen.

    Lord have mercy,
have mercy.
    Lord have mercy,

    Christ have mercy.