Proper 24 | Year A

God of grace and God of glory, 
yours is the voice we can scarcely hear
because you speak to us about grace and forgiveness, 
chosen-ness and unconditional love, 
and about suffering, dying, and new life. 

You know each of us by name, O God,
and in your sight we have found favor,
yet our minds cannot comprehend the vision of your glory
or the vastness of your love.
Grant that as we glimpse your greatness,
reflected in your many gifts,
we may always return to you
the praise that is yours alone.

You hear us calling
You hear us calling
Abba Father

O God, we are impacted by so many other voices
that have to do with power and competence, 
success and failure, 
diminishment and judgment, 
voices that tempt us to try to earn your acceptance or prove ourselves to others.

We do know that you are the voice that gives us life, 
that you are the voice that opens futures to people who are hopeless. 
We are a part of a people who are hopeless, 
or at least cynical or complacent because the other voices eat at our hearts. 
We are immobilized, and we become deaf. 

So we pray for new ears. 
We pray that your voice may be made more audible to us, 
that we may be able to sort out the death-dealing from the life-giving voices among us.

You hear us calling
You hear us calling
Abba Father

We pray that your voice is loud and clear to our nation’s leaders
so that the power they wield may be wise, measured, compassionate, 
and for the benefit of the common good.  
Guide our direction as a country, 
that we may be peacemakers instead of instigators of violence, 
good stewards of your creation instead of abusers of the environment, 
And generous in coming to the aid of others.

We pray for your healing and comfort with all those who are grieving, 
who are ill or struggling with chronic health conditions, 
who are suffering from trauma or uncertainty.  
Bring stability and renewal to families
who have been hurt by recent natural and violent disasters.  
Grant all your people your peace that surpasses all human understanding. 
All of this we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Lord have mercy
Christ have mercy
Lord have mercy
Christ have mercy