A Politic of Hope

The central political claim of the Church has been that one day the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ. But that day isn't until the Savior breaks through the clouds and enters this dimension. Until that day, at best, we have the pale good. There are no political saviors--only the Savior. This is Augustine's thesis in the City of God--here, only the city of Cain rules and we must lower our expectations for what can be here--which leads to the recognition of 2 realities:

  1. Every political position has some wrong and every political position has some right 
  2. Only when we LISTEN to each other can we find a modicum of right that is resides in any group

Just as in the basic unit of the family, listening and compromise is the only way to find unity, so it is in the public arena. The sad thing is that black and white thinking and right/wrong fundamentalism rules the day and makes listening and compromise an almost impossible thing. 

We pray, not for one group to win over another but that we can actually hear each other and not make FATAL MISTAKES. 

There is no way natural human minds with political aspirations will make the true good prevail...hopefully we can have leaders that will do the least to destroy the good that lingers here by common grace.

Then he comes...

THEN every tear is wiped away and there is no more evil...