The purpose of the Order of St. Anthony

The purpose of the Order of St. Anthony is to provide an ordered way of life for both clergy and laity for prayer, spiritual direction, confession, and spiritual friendship, as well as fraternity. We believe entering holy habits like these are formative to the human soul, empowering us to be reflective of God’s glory and making those who participate in them carriers of God’s kingdom.

The mission of the Order is...

To engage in the apostolic mission of the Gospel our Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming, living and demonstrating the Good News of His saving love and redemptive rule for the salvation and reconciliation of human beings and of all creation to the friendship of the Triune God, the Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of all.

We express this mission through welcoming existing clergy and laity into an ordered life, and also through the planting, facilitating and equipping support and training of new local (Eucharistic) worship communities gathered around the Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, in the fellowship of the Apostolic Tradition and Faith passed on from our Lord Jesus Christ to His Apostles, and through them to believers of all ages.

engagement in the Order of St. Anthony:

Oblates in the Order of St. Anthony | This is an individual who has individually affiliated him/herself with the Order. They make a formal, private, time-framed promise (annually renewable or, after three years, for life) to follow the Rule of the Order in their private life as closely as their individual circumstances and prior commitments permit. Oblates are considered an integral part of the Order of St. Anthony and have the letter ObSA after their names on documents.